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3 years ago#1
This is the last trophy I need for Platinum. But none of my friends have scored high enough to get on the leader board.

If anyone would be willing to send a friend request my way to help me earn this trophy it'd be much appreciated.

PSN: LuciusKnight
3 years ago#2
Sent you a friend request. I have plenty of mediocre scores across all the missions.
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3 years ago#3
@ Tzepish same here please ;)

PSN Benlord41
3 years ago#4
Alright! Got the trophy. Thank you guys so much.
3 years ago#5
ditto, cheers
3 years ago#6
Tzepish I also need this, please

PSN: DrGonzo615
A Ducati and a track to run it on....Heaven
3 years ago#7
Add me too please, not many of my friends are playing this.

PSN - n1keman_SH

MHF Guild Card -
3 years ago#8
I sent requests to some of you, so I could attempt to get this trophy as well.


PSN: Aybara
3 years ago#9
I haven't even played a single player mission as of this posting, so I can put up some garbage scores on purpose. I'm a big fan of trophies/achievements though, so that won't last long. I'd appreciate it if someone added me that also put up a couple weak scores, whether on purpose or because you weren't going for high score.
Live: CyberEvil
PSN: CyberEvil-PSN
3 years ago#10
Sadly, as it stands now, you have to at least post in the Top 1000 for your score to even show up to your friends.
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