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I finally got the Platinum trophy for this game and man was it tough. This is my first Platinum trophy on both the Vita and PS3:) Thank you all of you guys who helped me with my forum questions too. And for the people struggling to get all of the trophies, just keep pressing on and keep trying. It's a game that really tests your patience lol!!! Sorry if I sound like I'm bragging, I just needed to let out my excitement of getting my first Platinum trophy lol.

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If you thought this was hard, now go Platinum Rayman Origins.

Congrats on the Plat as well.
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@Thundar: Thanks man, and I heard some great things about Rayman Origins but I didn't know how tough it was to get a Platinum.
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Congrats on the Plat! I'm working towards mine right now and I have about ten missions I need to 5-star, then the last two HVT.
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@Unknown: Good luck man, I know you can do it. I actually considered making a thread about getting someone to "near" me the last HVT mission because I struggled getting five stars in the last row of missions but I stuck with it and got them all.
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Grats flower I knew ya could do it!! :)
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@Angel: Thanks a lot man!!!
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I need 2 trophies to plat lol working almost every day makes it hard