local pass and play or not?

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4 years ago#1
the only reason i'd want the game is as a portable chessboard, so the inclusion of hot-seating is a necessity for me. i'm getting conflicting information from Pushsquare's review page, though.

the review states: "Sorely missing, however, is standard multiplayer. There's no local 'pass the system about' hot-seating, nor ad-hoc, nor straightforward online. Instead there's message play, in which you and a friend can send moves to each other via PlayStation Network, with up to eight games running simultaneously."

but then a comment at the bottom of the review says "
I don't know why reviewers keep saying there was no local multiplayer option. There is. Just change your opponent in an exhibition match to human.
It's sad that the game gets bad reviews because of this misconception."
4 years ago#2
Is the multiplayer online?
4 years ago#3
no real-time multiplayer over the psn. there's mail-a-move type multiplayer though.

i haven't received confirmation on my own question, but more sources say there is local multiplay then say otherwise. fairly safe to assume it's in the game.
(message deleted)
4 years ago#5
Yes there is local, just change to human. I just did it myself to test.
Not changing til Crystalis gets a remake. Started 10/28/11 til ???
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