Wait... Mimigas are DOGS? (spoilers?)

#1Lord LoofilooPosted 2/25/2012 4:38:59 PM
I just started playing through Curly mode today, and when you meet Itoh, Curly calls him something like "funny little dog man"

I must have played through the game like 5 times before, and all this time I thought they were rabbits. I guess it's because they hop around so much when you fight them, especially those you see in the Grasstown shack and the handful on the top of the island.

They don't really have snouts like dogs, but then again, neither do any of the actual dogs in the game. But don't they have rabbit-like tails? I guess they could be cut off... It's kind of hard to tell with small sprites.

If they are dogs, I guess it would explain why they eat fish... I guess I just wrote that off as part of their human side.

I wonder if they're some kind of magical creation by Jenka or Ballos, since they both seem to have a lot of white dogs, maybe they created some dog/human hybrids?
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