Am I the only one?

#1attilahun03Posted 4/14/2012 3:44:52 PM
Am I the only one who feels really bad about using shinsengumi?

Today I started a new game after becoming bored of using guns coz things were just too easy. In this game I plan to only use traditional land units and I have realised just how hard this could turn out to be (I'm not on easy either). As a result of this revelation I have decided to start using shinsengumi (I decided not to use them in my previous game after hearing just how overpowered they are) and now I feel kinda bad coz they are just too good. My guy's only lvl 2 and yet he's still managed to incite revolts in 6 provinces and allowed me to crush a much bigger clan who had yugekitai units even though I am still 4 turns away from kisho ninjas.