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I'll been playing a lot with my only traditional units Aizo game recently and I've noticed how theres not a single traditional alternative to the US Marines, Royal Marines or l'Infantrie de Marine. I then went back to RotS and fought a coupla units of foot samurai. Then it occurred to me. These dudes could serve as a great traditional alternative to the afore mentioned elite riflemen. These guys are like dismounted samurai heroes but better in melee.

So what I'm thinking is... Either introduce a new unit who are like dismounted samurai heroes but much better in melee combat or just make the bow samurai better at melee coz as it stands I end up seeing these little Yanks parring anything and everything my traditional Aizu armies can throw at them. The only ways to kill them atm are
1. I throw 4 units of bow Kachi with fire arrows and singing arrows at them
2. I charge them with at least 2 units of shinsengumis and a little support
3. I use my generals in a cav charge (I try not to coz its too risky)
As you can see none of these are very attractive.

Might I also suggest that if an archer unit reaches at least lvl5 experience then their range increases by 25

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