Been trying to reason why this game is so popular with so many including myself.

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  3. Been trying to reason why this game is so popular with so many including myself.
3 years ago#1

Total War is number one on the PC charts. It has been for more time ongoing than in the hayday of PC Gaming. I took to wondering about it.

Think about it. For so many of us that are exclusively PC Gamers we have watched all genres get moved/migrated/merged to the larger console fan base.

This is one of the only genre (and indeed the most popular remaining) that could not be ported to any console. Why is that? The interface won't work is the main reason. Creative Assembly tried. It didn't work. Part of me wants to also consider that most of the Platform only gamers also haven't the patience or willingness for deep strategy (I mean no insult, but wish only to state what I've witnessed).

They just couldn't dumb down Total War. Sure they've streamlined. They've made new features and removed bad ones. They've just not dumbed it down.

No one wants to use those words. Those words are factual.

RPGs: Baldur's Gate II was brilliant and a pinacle of PC PRGs. Now we get Dragon Age II.

FPS: We will get HL2 Episode 3 (or maybe HL3 for all I know.) What we do get are ported winable in 8 hours game with minimal problem solving and always starting a big musclebound protagonist with chest-high walls who magically heal up when in cover. I won't even touch the Modern Warfare vs Call of Duty quibbling that I care nothing about.

Side Scrollers:They really were always better on the consoles anyways. Sorry. Sure we get the new indie stuff but really it's all platformers.

MMORPGs: Glad some of you enjoy them. I don't. I've tried and I don't. There's no RPG in these MMOs. And with the exception of EVE (which I found very boring) they all are spins on the same thing.

Action RPGs: Well we still got them. They call themselves regular RPGs now. Hard to dumb down Diablo though. I enjoy it as much as the next fellow but really it's not the deepest genre to ever hit us, now was it?

Flight/Space Simulators: Dead. Save the indie crowd.

"Sim" Games: Well we got Tropico 3 recently. Still fun, but Civ has been platformized. It's not horrible. It just went shallower instead of deeper.

We've still got Creative Assembly. May they keep up the superior work and not be afraid to be creative (pardon the pun). May they also not dumb things down anymore than they have to.

And we've got hope in Fargo and the new Kickstarter trend. It's already showing promise that fans are really only massively funding the games that we want back and not every little game that publishers would do anyways.

3 years ago#2
Another one of these? Developers don't dumb down games, they make more approachable and relevent. I dont need 100 different stats when only 6 of them matter.

Also there are more PC games being made now in all sorts of genres then there ever had been before, this does not even include all the indie stuff. The real problem is actually finding the really good stuff, there are more awesome games out there then there is time to play them you just have to open your eyes and do some research, their everywhere.
It takes an Idiot to do cool things, Thats why its cool.
3 years ago#3

This again...yes.

I have done my research. To insinuate otherwise is rather insulting and condescending.

I see high levels of creativity coming from the idie genre and most of the most creative works are going into smaller casual games for the iPad or Android. I am seeing a resurgance of "old school" in Kickstarters but it's not enough as of yet. The mainstream has been getting simplified from 60 stats to 6.

Liking the simple isn't bad. You just prefer it.

I do not.

I do not like simplified. I like my multiple variables. I like complex problems that have more than 1 (or 2 or 3) solutions. It gives greater levels of replay and more bang for your buck.

I didn't need my present level of education to play and enjoy more complex games. I want to be challenged.

"Dumbed down" are the words. We all like a brainless movie every now and then but when there's nothing but half-azzed Hollywood action movies you're not being stimulated you're being opiated/tranquilized.

Sugar coating is for politicians and marketing people.

The Total War series is the last bastion of this. I stand by it and CA firmly.

3 years ago#4

That's right, our toys are better tha theirs!

3 years ago#5

After reading your post till the end i found myself asking myself: what was the question again? so im just gonna have to answer the title of the thread.

Im late to shogun 2, just bought it a few weeks ago, and then just recently fall of the samurai. Why did i wait so long? i've loved total war since i started with the orginal medieval total war; yes i never played shogun. but empire TW really damaged my faith in the series, aside from the lackluster AI that never was great through the series (naval invasions had to be patched in post release on several titles etc). So i blew off this game for a over a yr; to my regret. I saw that TW was at the top of the pc chart on this site and held that spot for a while, so i got curious and did my research,heard they really fixed the AI and got back to their rootsetc so I decided to buy it to see if TW was redeemed, and bam! love it!

Its the comeback we all hoped for, even to those who gave up on the series. Everyone loves a comeback, and currently the only other rts title thats popular imo is starcraft 2, the rts genre isnt bloated with new releases every yr, so when a ripe apple is out...... everyone jumps on it. rts have been on consoles, the best and most recent success was halo wars (xbox) unless im mistaken. but for fast controling competitive multiplayer and multi control groups etc you need a mouse and keyboard to support it.

TW as a lincense is as big in the rts genre as halo or cod or battlefield is in FPS. produce a great TW game and its gonna be popular.

3 years ago#6

Have not a single doubt.


This TW has the BEST A.I. ever in an RTS game and therefore in any TW game.


Superb campaign and battle A.I.

3 years ago#7
Thankfully indie devs are starting to become sophisticated enough to give us great strategy games.
3 years ago#8

@ hampton2003


No question.  Just opinionated (some with factual backing) commentary.


The bottom line is the TW series is the last bastion of PC Gaming that cannot seem to be simplified for console users.

3 years ago#9

Um Peat_bog it's not about the toy...but the quality and depth of the game.

But hey who am I to stop the console gamers from attacking each other when it's oh so entertaining.

3 years ago#10
Besides that you need a mouse and keyboard to properly play this kind of game, I don't think there is much market for RTS games in general on consoles.
The modern console crowd likes their games fast and simple.

The time when games with depth appeared on consoles is pretty much over.
There are always some exceptions of course.
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  3. Been trying to reason why this game is so popular with so many including myself.

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