Best value anticav?

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3 years ago#1
I can't decide which of the anticav units is the best value.

Spear levies are cheap and have an awesome +20 anticav bonus but will melt away if engaged by melee Kachi or foreign troops

Kyoto police are medium in price and, like spear levies come with a useful +20 anticav bonus. However unlike spear levies yhese can hold off melee Kachi units

Spear Kachi are the most high end spear units available to you. These are the most expensive at almost double the cost of spear levies. Their anticav bonus is a modest +15 but their base melee stats easily outdo the other two and can stand up to melee Kachi units

At their standard armour values none of these can resist bullets but with a +2 armour bonus the spear Kachi can more or less withstand limb and sometimes body shots
If spear units could still use the spear wall ability then the answer would be more obvious but alas that is gone
3 years ago#2
I like to go with the Spear kachi once I can afford it.

Most of my army consists of guns, while the spear kachi are mostly used for defensives purposes such as being attacked in the rear and protecting the front line in case the enemy charge starts to get too close.

in Melee they can beat pretty much every gun unit that tries a bayonet charge, and all types of cavalry fairly easily, the only thing they would have trouble with is Katana Kachi, but I always keep a close eye on them so they never flank me and once they try to charge my lines, I just gun them down.
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3 years ago#3
I agreed, spear kachi is the best unit out there if you don't have the amount of money to buy them then spear levies all the way. Spear Kachi is a better choice without question, they can even have that sprinting abilities if I'm not wrong, just in case you didn't noticed the cavalry who's charging into one of your parrot guns at the back of your formation :P like me.
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