Pack 'a Punch: BLOODLINE

#1xonewingxPosted 3/11/2012 10:07:10 AM
I've produced a follow on movie to the "Pack 'a Punch: FUSION" video that I have shown before which details the other function of the machine (which was pretty much ignored before), "breeding" guns together to create a bloodline with each gun holding influence from those that you have held before. Its a little complex buy once you have you head around it, its rather simple and I believe to be the best and most original idea of the lot.

So in summary, FUSION is the fusion of two guns to become one unique gun. BLOODLINE is the mating of two guns to produce one that looks like one of the "parents" but with averaged attributes of the two.

Heres the vid series,

Pack 'a Punch: BLOODLINE

Pack 'a Punch: FUSION

Full 35 page ideas document on youtube