Black ops Zombies.

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User Info: deaThaccENTion

4 years ago#1
HEY ALL! I am a guy who plays Zombies on Kino and Five only, Soon I will be getting a new Map Pack though. So if you want to come have a game with me add me! Things required:
Round 25+
Must live in Australia
And must be over 14. I ain't having no eight year old's who don't know how to play Zombies.

Gamer Tag: deaTh accENTion
Round 31 = Multi-player
Round 39 = Single-player
Headset: yes
over 14: yes
Lives in Australia: yes
Frequent Zombie play: Only when I'm bored. But always up for a game
Times on-line: 4:30pm-10:30pm weekdays. 10:30am-12:00am Weekends

So if you have those required things. Send me a Friend Request over XBOX LIVE! BYE BYE!

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