How to get mana?

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User Info: smashingme

3 years ago#1
It has been 0 for a while now, how do I replenish it?
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User Info: singhellotaku

3 years ago#2
power drinks or anything else that adds pp sodas etc.
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User Info: onyx_kane059

3 years ago#3
Heh, heh. Pp.
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User Info: evoxpisces

3 years ago#4
onyx_kane059 posted...
Heh, heh. Pp.

If you have a better name for it then say it!! :-P
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User Info: WrathSoul

3 years ago#5
Are you talking about the mana required to do farts or the power points?

User Info: smashingme

3 years ago#6
im talking about the mana for farts
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User Info: domdoma

3 years ago#7
Having the same problem, cant figure out what gives me mana for farts:/

User Info: domdoma

3 years ago#8
found out, some food give you mana, burrito for example

User Info: uwishuwereme17

3 years ago#9
When you scroll your potions ect. it will say on the side what it cures. HP, PP, mana, and so on.

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