can you play as a girl?

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3 years ago#1
My wife will want to play this but even more so if she can be a girl.
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3 years ago#2
There was talk at one point about a character creation system, but I don't know if they ever said if it was in the final product, or whether you could pick your gender.
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3 years ago#3
the main protagonist mother refers to the child as he in the preview so I don't think so. But then again we didn't see the character creator screen where perhaps that option was possible.

But Trey Parker said in a interview after you reach the abortion clinic you are able to get a female skin for your character. No one is 100% sure if he was just screwing around or it is true.

Just going to have to wait and see since there is such scarce information available at the moment.
3 years ago#4
Honestly, I was hoping for a female option but at this point I dont think so

First of all, the question was asked at Comicon and was not answered (appart from the "This will put is back another 3 months" funny answer they gave a couple of times)

Second, I think it would change the story to much, Seriously, do you expect Cartman to react so calmly to a new kid if it was a girl? But dont get me wrong, I`d love to Oneup Cartman with a Girl Mage ;)

Guess we`ll have to wait and see till the game releases
3 years ago#5
a girl character would be cool *I prefer male myself*

but it would require basically a whole new campaign

like trey and matt said they want it as realistic to the south park universe as possible and a girl would never join up with the boys without the actual dialogue and story itself being changed quite a bit

but I would love a female story arc...hell I would love anything south park who am I kidding
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3 years ago#6
Yes, but not in the beginning. You have to complete the Abortion lever to unlock the Girl Skin. They confirmed it at SDCC 13

go to 1:15 seconds
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3 years ago#7
you can pretend one of the guys are a chick.
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3 years ago#8
darkdawnee posted...
you can pretend one of the guys are a chick.

Go the princess Kenny route?
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