I cannot WAIT to see gameplay.

#1AntatiousPosted 3/6/2012 7:58:09 PM

And just think of what the modding community could do with this game... lol. I can't wait. I'm gonna love this game so much. I can feel it.

#2rossrjensenPosted 3/9/2012 11:46:44 AM

Gotta say I'm looking forward to it as well.

#3Yams1980Posted 3/14/2012 11:53:27 PM

I want to love this game also... I'm just hoping its not a quick time crappy rpg like Costume Quest.  Wait and see I guess...

#4TsengPosted 3/15/2012 11:37:30 AM

I was worried it might be just another crappy tie in as well, but it is being developed by Obsidian as an RPG and Parker/Stone are penning the script.  Seems pretty solid to me.  Plus in interviews the devs talk about how Parker/Stone are huge game fans, so they won't be signing off on anything they consider sub-par.

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