Other impressions from huge fans of Dirt 1-3?

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3 years ago#1
I am a huge fan of Dirt 1-3, especially 3. I played the demo and I don't know how I feel. I understand its not intended to be like the other games, but it just doesn't seem to be worth $60 to me. I want to get it just because Codemasters make awesome 360 games, but at the same time I just don't see the value in it. I need to play the demo a few more times to get a feel for my opinion though.

Does anyone have similar feelings?
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3 years ago#2
Truthfully the demo wasn't great for me. It plays fine but I am not a fan of destruction derby style races.

I'm more interested in the Gymkhana-style events and the Joyride mode. Giant open levels with Tony Hawk style objectives sounds awesome. The Battersea compound was awesome and overall my favorite part of Dirt 3.

The Gymkhana race where it is more about technical driving than bashing other cars around is what I wanted more of in Dirt 3. Well that and rally but that's another story.

My only concern is the amount of actual content. I'm curious as to how many tracks and environments there will be. Since I am not a fan of Destruction Derby, that automatically gets rid of 1/3 of the game for me.
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3 years ago#3
i loved dirt 2 more than 3 i love destruction derby syle races.
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3 years ago#4
Been playing the game all day now, done all the Joyride stuff in the compounds, and done 50% of the career ... its no DiRT 4!!

The game is fun, and enjoyable to play, but it lacks any depth & substance. I presume the multiplayer will sort this out, however I've no interest in that myself.

There is a massive rubber-banding in place in the favour of the player, you can spin out for the first two/three laps, then steam to the front on the last lap no problem.

To me what always made Destruction Derby fun was I aimed for the win to start with. If that went wrong then I'd aim for the points with spins and "kills", but in this (I know its not DD, but even so), you are not rewarded for spinning AI out or for bashing, sure you get a bit of extra boost, but given the rubber-banding you don't need it! 50% of the time you will just get caught up in the spin yourself anyway. I think for this reason the destruction derbys are the highlight of the game, (points wins, not fastest etc...) however there is a level where everyone comes after you, and that can be downright frustrating!!

WInning races nets your money to buy new cars and upgrades, but to be honest, its there for being theres sake ... there is no NEED to buy new cars, as the rubber-banding removes the worry of being in a "slow" car. And you wouldn't ever need a slow "tank" of a car to ensure you finished the race, most races finish with green car health, or yellow occasionally.

I'm not trying to put anyone off buying it as it is a good game, that I will put some more effort into to continue, but with the lack of information available about it atm, I thought I'd share my views.
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3 years ago#5
360 still reads it from the disc even after the HDD install :(
3 years ago#6
This is not Dirt, which is fine with me, more like Test drive's eve of destruction, i have the Dirt 1-3 and they are great 4 tried and didn't like, great game been playing for a few days on PC and demo on Xbox360......day 1 buy for me...
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3 years ago#7
for me its just good old fun.
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3 years ago#8
More like test drive eve of destruction?? Going to pre-order right
3 years ago#9
I am a huge fan of Dirt 2 and 3, and I'm loving Showdown. To be quite honest I've had my fair share of "serious" racing games in the past few years, to the point of them becoming somewhat repetitive....I have all 4 Forza games, Dirt 2 & 3....so when I feel like some serious racing I'll either go play Forza 4 or Dirt 3....but for mindless destruction derby-style action, Showdown fits the bill beatifully. I played this game all day yesterday, and it's very rare that I do that with a racing game.
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