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3 years ago#1
I love it.
If you like the feeling of the previous Dirt games you should like this.
I was a bit worried about it being a crap Destruction Derby remake but it definitely does the old gem justice.
Still has trick events, head to head, which I wasn't expecting!
So after about 6hrs played I got 75% of the Career finished...its split up into 4 levels..PRO.ALL STAR.???.LEGEND, I can't remember what the 3rd one is.
Any questions are welcome,I'll answer what I can.
3 years ago#2
I've done 60% of the career today, (and 100% on both compounds) and I think the games OK, but not brilliant. I fail to see the difference in the cars and upgrades. Theres no point having a better strength car as it gets destroyed just as quick ... and no point in having a fast car, as the rubber band AI allows you to keep pace when your driving anything ...

Theres no reason to spend time spinning the AI out, as you'll either get caught up in it yourself or have someone else pass you, extra boost is no use as you'll catch the leader in half a lap anyway ... its all become a bit "samey" for me already :(

The destruction derbys though are fun!! Except for the one where all AI are gunning for you ... ugh!!
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3 years ago#3
After I installed the game to my HDD, the 360 is still reading it from the disc.
Are you having the same problem.
3 years ago#4
is there 4-player split screen for this game?
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3 years ago#5
Thats a good point about difference in car stats.
It seems like there's not much variation of stats,but then I guess that could also be to stop you from 'creating a monster' and walking through the game/multiplayer no problem.
I never bought a new car til the 3rd career tier,so you can get pretty far with the default starting cars.
I don't think there's 4 player split screen but there's definitely 2 player split screen
3 years ago#6
I am playing on PS3, but Re: reading from the disc, if it fully installed on the hard-drive there would be no need for the disc ... surely the game has to leave some information on the disc otherwise you could just pass the disc to all your friends ... ?
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3 years ago#7
im just looking forward to the destruction derby. seems like a fun arcade racer, i was never really expecting a whole lot from this game but it seems like it provides more than i was thinking it would.... i can wait for dirt 4 for my rally racing needs
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