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4 years ago#31
Add Me 9CCB 58F8 45F8 37FB Will Add Back :)
4 years ago#32
This is my friend code for MinoMonsters: BE28ED4F46D0FB0C
Please add me. I've been trying to get more friends. I've sent multiple friend requests. I have yet to get a single lock on my crate unlocked. I've unlocked a few for others. Can someone help me please? And I'll surely return the favor.
"Toujours Pret"
XBOX Live Gamertag: HawkEye1127
4 years ago#33
I'll get you hawkeye. Add me too everyone please. I'll add you too

4 years ago#34
Hello, I'm trying to unlock my crate, but I am happy to help you unlock yours as well! My (really long) friend code is as follows:

4 years ago#35
add me : 060A3EA7FB41FBB6
4 years ago#36
my code is: A0D4C308E885B9E4... ill accept you too! thanks!
4 years ago#37
My friend code : 95B9 85B6 1499 0254
Help me unlock the box!
4 years ago#38
Hi all, spent some some time adding those posted above. Some help back please?

Friend Code: 1E704CB03C969258
4 years ago#39
My code is 9687E412B8A80409. Please add me

4 years ago#40
2667dce79b256345 is my code. Add me and ill add you back. Thanks.
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