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3 years ago#1
So, I'm on 36 conversations, need 37 for the trophy. I've been using this guide:


and this guide:


Now the only difference between the two is *******Spoilers******** at the hydro plant where you walking across the walkway with Tommy there is a sniper who you can talk to which isn't in the segment next guide.

I'm confused and was wondering if somebody could point out to me which guide is correct? I've done all the conversations from both and still the trophy hasn't popped. Are any missing from the both of them? I know for example that petting the dog in the same section as above doesn't count even though it is a conversation, was wondering if one of these guides was wrong?
3 years ago#2
Anyone? :(
3 years ago#3
I can personally vouch for the Segmentnext one actually. I used it to get mine done. (only missed the sniper)

The trophies are apparently glitched though, from what I hear?
3 years ago#4
The rest of my collection ones have all popped, got 'em all apart from this conversation one which is stuck on 36, so I don't know. To avoid the glitching I've not actually updated my game to 1.01, apparently that stopped them and it seems to have worked so far, maybe I'll update it and check all the conversations, for a 3rd time -.-

Cheers for verifying the segment next one though!
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