How much of the game has been spoiled for me? (contains spoilers obviously)

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Game__On posted...
236P posted...
Honestly I don't really believe in spoilers. It's always more about the experience and the journey.

So you're telling me that if you knew everything about the game before playing it, that wouldn't hamper your experience just a little bit? I find that hard to believe.

Sure it would. I like to be surprised and see the narrative unfolded as the writer intended. Still, it's far from the be all and end all.
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Almost all of it. If they reveal what happens next, then all of it.
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KishinZephrite posted...
TBH, I'd be pissed to find that out early. I had high hopes that she would produce a vaccine and stay alive.

This. That hopefulness gets taken away if you know this little detail. But still, the game's got way more twists and turns and it's worth playing no matter what if you can get your hands on it. Plus, it's not the ending. How it all plays out has been left unspoiled, and ripe for TC's discovering.
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