How do you feel about the ending? *Spoilers of course*

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Would I have made the same choice as Joel? Hell yes. Family comes first. What's the point of saving the world if you can't save the people you care about?

I think it's one thing to understand where Joel's coming from emotionally, but actually intellectually agreeing with his decision from your own perspective is a different story. I mean there are probably a lot of families who would fight Joel to save their own kids if they had a crystal ball and saw that the vaccine would end up saving their child's life. They'd be fighting for their family on all sides, and it all just seems arbitrary to me.

Well duh. I don't except some random Schmoe with no connection to Ellie wanting to give up the vaccine to save Ellie's life.
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I don't have a problem with it, but this topic draws a LOT of philosophers.

Well duh. This topic is philosophically interesting.
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Uh oh, Viltris on an a-hole kick today. This is all I have to say to you
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Just finished the game today and my two thoughts is the ending was appropriate.

The ending shows that both Joel and Ellie are both human. They aren't really bad people but not wholly good either.

From the very beginning of the game when Joel tells Tommy to keep going past the family that had a kid it showed that Joel wasn't concerned about the welfare of anyone outside of those he cared about.

At one time Joel was a hunter that killed people for the sake of his own survival and throughout the game he'll do anything needed in order for his own survival and that of his close companions like Tess and Ellie.

So it wasn't a major surprise he choose Ellie over the world when you consider the entirety of the game.

You could also say he might've felt like he failed to protect Sara when she was killed so he wasn't going to fail again when it came to protecting Ellie.

When it comes to lying to Ellie he obviously knew she would've chosen to sacrifice herself because he wouldn't have lied in the first place if he knew that wasn't the case. He would've just told her the Fireflies wanted to kill her and he rescued her. But because earlier she rejected his offer to leave and go to Tommy's and her stating that she wanted to finish the journey because she didn't want it to be for nothing he knew sacrifice would've been her choice.

Also lying to her was for her sake as well so she didn't have to live with the fact that her sacrifice could've saved mankind and the sacrifices and death along the way wasn't for anything. He was also trying to take away guilt by lying to her.

When it comes to Ellie she knew he was lying but she wanted to believe it so she accepted it. Like I said earlier she didn't want to journey to be for nothing and also if you remember her talk with Sam when she said her biggest fear was to be alone. So by accepting his lie she could live with the journey meaning something and continue to be with the only person that she cares about and thus not be alone.
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Jikkle posted...
The ending shows that both Joel and Ellie are both human. They aren't really bad people but not wholly good either.

Yes. Shades of gray. There are no knights in shining armor, and there are no evil overlords.

Except for Tommy. He was a good guy through and through.
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Finished the game again.

Still loved the ending. IIRC, the tapes and notes revealed there were earlier (failed) tests. So, even if the operation went on, it could of failed. Even if it did work and they found a cure, who said the Fireflies would share it with anyone?

Joel isn't a monster... He's a human. He done bad things, he did good things. He knows what the world is like... And if the Fireflies did share the vaccine with everyone.... How will life return to normal? Fireflies vs the military vs the hunters vs common people, and suddenly that all goes away?

Nope. Great ending. Great story. Great ****ingg game.
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I loved the game but I was disgusted with joel as he turned into a cold blooded killer. I know he cared about the girl but the firefly's were just trying to save all of humanity. shooting that guard in the nuts wasn't too cool either!

I think Joel had been a cold blooded killer for years. Remember he knew what kinds of tricks the hunters used and kinda side-stepped the question when asked how. To me that implied he has done the same thing in the past to get supplies.

He admitted to being on both sides of an ambush before. He did sidestep the question about killing innocent people though.
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Great ending, totally unexpected. I expected one to die, was almost positive it was going to be Joel. This ending makes is so much richer, though not ideal. The best stories are not always the ones with the happiest of endings and this one filled that grey area ending perfectly. I was so wrapped up in the story that it made me keep going.
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I remember when I first played it I thought Joel was going to get gunned down as he ran toward the elevator. What eventually happened left me feeling odd. I did start feeling like the bad guy at the end, even though I couldn't really say that what Joel was doing was wrong. Either way, I liked the ending a lot.
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Quorthon109 posted...
What eventually happened left me feeling odd. I did start feeling like the bad guy at the end, even though I couldn't really say that what Joel was doing was wrong.

Makes sense. Joel didn't do anything wrong, but he didn't do anything right either. All he did was save the life of someone he loved, at the expense of possibly dooming the human race.