Thats it! I officially give up on this game!

#1legaiaflame2Posted 5/25/2012 12:42:07 PM
The part where the Doctor and River are trying to turn on the Salarian cooling system is outright ridiculous giving the player no checkpoints what-so-ever.

Trying to stay alive as River through continuous waves of Salarians is just not doable with her small life bar.

And just when you think it's the end of this garbage yet again, the Doctor has to go up to another panel connect the shapes....and River has to hold off another wave of Salarians while my health is right at it's last leg...

So, no thank you this is not fun I'll play something less frustrating!
#2NatalieSharpPosted 5/26/2012 7:45:55 PM
That part is actually quite easy if you do it right. I had to do it more than once due to the unfortunate lack of save points, but I must say, the second time I did it, I think I got shot once. You just have to duck behind those black and white screens that go up and down. Just sit behind those when they're up and they'll shield you from the blasts. It's easy as pie when you get the timing down.