Tony Hawk's Pro Skater HD success merits 'a fuller game,' Robomodo says

#31btaylorstlPosted 9/26/2012 2:19:22 PM
I'm having a pretty decent time with this game, but I can't help but really wish that they had just done a "Tony Hawk Collection" in the same vein as other HD collections, where (for example) they just gave Tony Hawk 3, 4, and maybe THUG an HD upscale and released it on disc for $30-$40. I would have eaten that up like candy.

The revert-to-manual combo linker just feels so basic at this point that it's a real bummer to not only not have it, but to be forced to play the ultra-stale goals of the first two Tony Hawk games. These games were groundbreaking, to be sure, but anything short of 3 doesn't really stand the test of time from a design/gameplay standpoint for me.
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