I think "The Bomb..."

#1EichiroNobunagaPosted 8/28/2012 12:40:45 PM
...shouldn't be played in the Airport level.

Anywhey, any news about THPS3 songs? Will the pack include them, or just kind of skip them?

Personally, "96 Quite Bitter Beings" is my favorite song in any Tony Hawk game with "If You Must" being a close second. Then again, Suburbia was my favorite level in the series and that didn't happen, so I'll probably get unlucky and they'll include a bunch of songs I don't care about. :(
#2NewbieTHPSPosted 8/28/2012 6:06:40 PM
lmao. hadn't thought of that...

I haven't heard anything at all about music being in DLC actually. I hope they include at least a few songs.
#3budsCDXXPosted 8/29/2012 2:09:22 PM
I haven't seen anything official, but the rumor is that no new songs will be in the DLC. Only 3 levels and 2 skaters.
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#4EichiroNobunaga(Topic Creator)Posted 8/29/2012 6:50:53 PM
For $5, that isn't too bad. But it is still underwhelming. All three levels were in THUG2, only two skaters, revert only usable in DLC, and no new music.

Just a tad disappointed.
#5Shadow_ZujedPosted 9/6/2012 5:06:38 AM
Yeah, right after this game came out and I heard this song I said I was gonna sing it the next time I was going through airport security.
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