DLC Delayed until first week of November.

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4 years ago#1
You're Pretty Good!
4 years ago#2
*December, you mean.
4 years ago#3
Woops I honestly don't know how I made that big of a mistake. Yes I did mean December. Wow that was incredibly stupid of me.
You're Pretty Good!
4 years ago#4
Maybe they are going to release a patch with it. Maybe thats why its taking so long. They did say that the DLC was actually almost finished when the game was released but that it still had to go through Xboxlive to get approved or whatever. So it had to be released as DLC anyways. But I hope that when the DLC is released people don't just cry about how bad it is. No one is forcing anyone to buy it and if you didn't like the original release you may not like the DLC.
4 years ago#5
Watch them delay it again in early December

Even if they eventually do release it (which is seeming more and more unlikely as time goes on) I already gave up on this game like most people.
4 years ago#6
I'd like to get the dlc too, but if there is no patch with it at this point then I'll pass.
"you will find you spend a good deal of your life sitting at red lights"
4 years ago#7
Apparently, its coming out December 4th across all platforms.

Some extra skaters are also included.


But they have made promises like this before, and look how that turned out.
~Nintendo could have done a lot better than Wii~
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  3. DLC Delayed until first week of November.

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