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music on this game blows (Archived)
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were spinning christ air's always this funny looking?? (Archived)TrueSephir0th18/16/2012
Rate TH games favorite to least favorite (Archived)Merc12398/16/2012
Gap Skiing (Archived)DangerZone72358/16/2012
This game is SO FRUSTRATING (Archived)Yochodo58/14/2012
Are Ride and Shred that bad? (Archived)Merc12378/13/2012
Online should keep a tally of your wins and losses. (Archived)Ratchet6418/13/2012
If you could replace 2 songs on the soundtrack (Archived)EichiroNobunaga78/13/2012
Unlocks (Archived)Boris_Magee_4428/11/2012
Trouble With Special Manual Tricks (Archived)Homefree12248/10/2012
Glitches (Archived)hurtloide28/10/2012
"Die, Bart, Die" easter egg? (Archived)underdunkt38/10/2012
what's going on! (Archived)
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How do you unlock the projectives mode (Archived)
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You guys remember Activision 02? (Archived)
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Num 1 on Leaderboards is obviously a cheater...vettefan88 (Archived)
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Songs from THPS1 and 2 you would have wanted? (Archived)Merc12398/8/2012
Just to reiterate: This is a $15 game. FIFTEEN. (Archived)
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Man I used to be so good at this. Quesetion! (Archived)
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What are the Original Skaters, that are actually in this? (Archived)MiNdWarped6778068/5/2012
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