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Since when did Tony Hawk have an interest in Bieber? (Archived)SuprSaiyanRockr17/25/2012
No Kareem Campbell? (Archived)
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I am lucky to only have really played THPS1 and 2. (Archived)
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Custom Soundtrack (Archived)
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How do you unlock the other side of Warehouse? (Archived)FourteZero47/25/2012
After-timer 30 second trick in Marseilles. (Archived)soulfulgamer97/25/2012
tony hawk and rodney mullen talk (Archived)lostoutlawnb67/24/2012
Gonna shimmy shimmy shimmy till the break of dawwwn yeaaaaaahh (Archived)iamjosh30817/24/2012
How to stop quickly (Archived)The Booker Man27/24/2012
projective mode? (Archived)xcmon3yx287/24/2012
We the People (Archived)
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Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 5 (Archived)FourteZero87/24/2012
How do you play PROjectives? (Archived)clippers162427/24/2012
Can someone tell my why in Gods name special manuals are done with the B button? (Archived)resolution_evil87/24/2012
Almost all the levels from THPS & THPS2 (Archived)
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In my opinion, this game's fatal flaw... (Archived)
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I think thatt Hawkman could have been better. (Archived)SuprSaiyanRockr57/24/2012
THPS 3 levels? (Archived)SoonerStein37/24/2012
Hardest parts of the game for you? (Archived)Merc123107/24/2012
Game is awesome : ) (Archived)captainxCSNx27/23/2012
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