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User Info: psgokhan

4 years ago#11
I don't have the game yet, but I have some ideas:

Training Stage: Wipeout Fury Main Menu Theme
Desert Stage: Slinger's Song from Bastion
Barcelona Stage: Vamo'alla Flamenco from FFIX
The new Moonlit Wilderness Stage: Moonlit Wilderness from T5 (accept no substitutes)
Fallen Garden: Emiya from Fate/Stay Night

I'll figure out the rest later.

User Info: CheBob55

4 years ago#12
Aphex Twin - Come On You Slags, for main menu. Now to find the perfect stage for Vordhosbn.

User Info: Landonio

4 years ago#13
Some of mine:

1. Iron (can't decide on instrumental or regular, though)

-Two Steps from Hell
2. Dragon Rider
3. Archangel
-ES Posthumus
4. Ebla
5. Pompeii
6. Laurence

-The Matrix
7. Chateau
8. Neodammerung

-The Dark Knight
9. Why So Serious (Crystal Method Remix; fits perfectly)

-Star Wars
10. Duel of the Fates
11. Anakin VS Obi-Wan

-Iron Man
12. Driving with the Top Down

13. Mombasa

-SoulCalibur (gonna use a lot more than this, though)
14. Sleepless: An Untamed Beast
15. Venice Rooftops Remix

-Chrono Cross
16. People Imprisoned by Fate
17. Dragon God
18. Chronopolis
19. FATE
20. Star Tower
21. Magical Dreamers

-Resident Evil 4
22. Wesker's Theme

-Tales of Symphonia
23. Last Battle - Decision
24. Beat the Angel

25. Fei Long's Theme (SNES)
26. Character Select

27. Dhalsim's Theme

28. Half Pipe Stage

29. Character Select

-Ninja Gaiden Black
30. Pray to God
31. Distorted World

32. MGS4 Theme of Love Remix

33. Metal Man Remix

34. Stage Select

35. Izzy Glow
36 Stage Select (Sigma)

-Ocarina of Time
37. Forest Temple
38. Final Battle (ZREO)

BTW, anybody know when the past Tekken songs are going to be released?
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User Info: mokmok05

4 years ago#14
After finishing extending classic Tekken tunes, I might give this set a go.

Fontana Di Travi – Ultra Violet (Devil May Cry)

Condor Canyon - When Hearts Ignite (Wild Arms: The Vth Vanguard)

Festive Parade – Sun (Persona 3 Portable)

Historic Town Square - What Appeared at Eternity's End (Tales of Graces)

Wayang Kulit – Destiny Awaits No One (Soul Calibur II)

Arctic Dream – Prinny My Love (Makai Senki Disgaea 2)

Bountiful Sea – Katamari Mambo ~Katamari Syndrome Mix~ (Katamari Damacy)

Tempest - The Man With the Machine Gun (Final Fantasy VIII)

Dusk After the Rain – Water Dance (Soul Calibur III)

Strategic Space - Moon Base (Star Ocean: Till the End of Time)

Sakura Schoolyard – Spirited Girl (Persona 4: The Ultimate in Mayonaka Arena)

Moonlit Wilderness – Enemy Attack (Tales of Legendia)

Eternal Paradise – Can’t Catch a Break (Final Fantasy XIII)

Arena – Dante’s Office ~7 Hells Battle~ (Devil May Cry 3)

Winter Palace – Beat the Angel (Tales of Symphonia)

Hall of Judgment - Spirit Extermination (Okami)

Naraku – The Genesis (Persona 4)

Heavenly Garden – Finish the Promise (Tales of the Abyss)

Fallen Garden – Esper Battle (Final Fantasy XII)

Snoop Dogg – Bee Jam Blues (Gitaroo Man)

Tropical Rainforest - Allegretto Break (Bust A Move 2: Dance Tengoku Mix)

Fireworks Over Barcelona - Beautiful Round Dance (Makai Senki Disgaea)

Coastline Sunset – Blue Water Blue Sky (Guilty Gear XX)

Riverside Promenade –The Snow Queen (Persona 3: FES)

Tulip Festival – Lord Willing (Makai Senki Disgaea 4)

User Info: BatenKalas

4 years ago#15
I just use tunes from other Tekken games.

Character Select - I chose T3's arcade character select theme because it rocks.
Italy - Electric Fountain. It was my favourite T6 tune and it fits surprisingly well with the stage.
Moonlit Wilderness - I just went with the original T5 theme instead because it's superior.
Norway - T5 cathedral music (pre-DR).
Winter Palace - T5 cathedral music (DR).
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User Info: zoid_maniac

4 years ago#16
Naraku -

User Info: AC Unit

AC Unit
4 years ago#17
Orochi X's final theme - Warriors Orochi 3
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User Info: Xandagar

4 years ago#18
Eternal Paradise - Poolside (original Tekken 5 day level)
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User Info: ariesguy88

4 years ago#19
Brazil stage - Formless Like Water

Condor Canyon - Nobody Catch me

Xmas stage -

Fontana Di Trevi - Fontana Di Trevi remix

Ogre's stage - Ogres TTT1 theme

Yun Dusk After The Rain -
Tekken Tag 2

User Info: ukloukloiy

4 years ago#20
I have a question.. how to swap the games tune with my mp3?
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