Are Tekken women hypergamous compared to DOA girls?

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because Anime girls are modeled after fake ideas of how women are supposed to think. Anime rejects basic female instincts replacing it with a new instinctual drive.

Hahaha good lord you overgeneralize like a 50 year old conservative. Stopped reading right there.

So you deny biology?

Was the portion I quoted not obvious enough? Here.
because Anime girls are modeled after fake ideas of how women are supposed to think.

Shortened it a bit. Hopefully you can see the stupidity more clearly this way, but then again most people who over-generalize about anime are incapable of seeing their own stupidity no matter how hard it's hammered into their eye sockets. As you were.

And I'm sure there was a lot of other stupid drivel in your post, but I just skimmed a bit and laughed at that part and then stopped reading.
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I think its safe to say both DOAand Tekken girls have very high standards when looking for a boyfriend/girlfriend.

the only one who accept you for who you are would be Leo,
as she has issues of her own.
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Biology 101 states: Instinctively women date-up for better genes, security, and resources. With that said if Tekken women are more realistic on a personality level wouldn't that mean their hypergamy would kick in?

Now let us look at the lovely DOA females. They are based on extreme anime personalities. In most Animes style games hypergamy doesn't exist because Anime girls are modeled after fake ideas of how women are supposed to think. Anime rejects basic female instincts replacing it with a new instinctual drive.

So in reality DOA girls are truly more loyal and trusting. Unlike the so called realistic Tekken girls they won't divorce you over small little things or enslave you to paying child support even if she's doing fine on her own. DOA girls won't play mind games with you. Unlike Tekken our DOA girls won't dump you for a tall dark and handsome guy.

Speaking of which, DOA girls don't even care if you're a short nerdy guy because Anime girls believe it's what is on the inside that counts. Tekken girls are more realistic so they demand a guy be taller (over 5'11). Tekken girls have unrealistic standards they expect men to live up to.

LOL, this is a joke topic right?

You can't generalize an entire gender based on one theory dude.... While is true that in many animes women are made to resembles an ideal in men's eyes there's plenty of things in anime girls (like 90%) that are depicted from the natural behaviour of female individuals.

Sure they are idealistic but there are women who act and behave up to a certain extent like the less exagerated anime characters.

Now i'm not trying to defend DoA for realism as I don't give 2 cents on DoA and while i do believe the DoA are broken from reality saying they are completely unreal because they are based on anime characters is stupid since anime characters 90% of the time are based on real life behaviour.

So how can something based off a model that has it's roots in RL be unreal for that particular reason O_o?

In the world of science generalizations are a must. Do straight men like boobs? Yes. Am I generalizing? Yes.

Hypergamy is a function females have that makes them desire better men of higher status. That is a scientific fact that can not be denied. This drive is need because if made sure women got the best DNA from the top males of the group. Hypergamy made sure females pushed out healthy strong babies.

In todays world it still exists sadly. Most women naturally will tell you height is important. Many girls naturally like alpha males but will settle for the beta guy if she wants a family.
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Well...they're just video game girls but this is some interesting information. But I rather watch video game girls than have to talk on the phone wasting valuable time falling asleep getting asked how was my day for the 7th time through the conversation.
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This thread is creeping me out.
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This thread is creeping me out.

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Anime girls especially in harem animes behave as if they are in a middle school boy's wet dream.
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What superpower would you have?
I would like the superpower to punch annoying cheeky fanboys over the monitor.
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Sometimes, post like this make me think "And this is why the gaming community gets a bad rep"
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lol, they're fictional characters, if you want a girlfriend or something go out to the mall or even a library or something lol
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