Unlocking new customization categories (i.e. bangs, sideburns, makeup, ect)

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How is this done? My Hwoarang has the bangs and is a Brawler but yet to unlock any other categories. My Jun is a Mentor and hasn't unlocked any new categories. Should I just keep playing or do I need to do something a little more specific. Cause I really need to unlock the bangs category for Jun :/ (don't know why these are locked in the first place >:C)
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you need to buy custom hair and then equip it
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You have to actually have a hair base equipped before you can buy bangs and sideburns.
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For bangs and sideburns, you must buy a hair hair piece and then equip it. After equipping it, go back to the purchase area and you will be able to access the bangs and sideburns tabs.

I'm kinda hazy on it but I believe the lipstick is the category for masks and makeup. Only some characters (Like Kunimitsu) have these so it won't be accessible for most.
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Haha, holy ****, there they are! Thanks!
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And one other question, I've seen other players apparently change the colours of hair and whatnot, how is this done?
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GhostOfOdin posted...
And one other question, I've seen other players apparently change the colours of hair and whatnot, how is this done?

press triangle. or Y on xbox
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Never mind the bump, thanks!
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What's interesting is that you CAN'T figure out which bangs and sideburns go with which hair base UNTIL you buy the hairbase FIRST. This means that you'll most likely end up wasting your money trying to figure out which goes with which. You were able to see which hairbase was REQUIRED in order to apply the bangs and sideburns in Tekken6. You can't with this, you're just going to have to buy them and take a chance. Another deceitful tactic on Namco's part. Their goal is to keep you playing this game as long as possible. To end up wasting time racking up money because you purchased a 1,000,000 hairbase only to find out that the bangs and sideburns you want won't go with it. Not to mention that you CAN'T sell any of the items you bought. Good one Namco. Oh, and it takes 50 times longer to reach Tekken God through Ghost battle than it did in Tekken 6. Namco's literally making you waste your time to get the Tekken Lord trophy. A tactic to keep you playing, even though you're BORED to death fighting the same opponents OVER and OVER again.
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Got the platinum of this game in less than 2 days, and im an average tekken player. and yes the intention of a gamedeveloper is for you to play the game.

Next to that, money is coming in with buckets if you play whatever mode. so even you lost your money to the wrong bangs (i agree with you on that part, its more usefull to see hour custom hairstyle) the loss aint that big in comparisation to T6.
If i lossed my money on T6 the problem would be bigger.

But yes, its something patch-worthy
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