How to unlock Slim Bob, Dr. B and others?

#1ShaymusGivenPosted 9/16/2012 8:13:54 PM
How do i unlock the extra 6 chars? i can't wait to play Dr. B, and my friend can't wait for Miharu-Xiaoyu's combo.
#2Hours_LeftPosted 9/16/2012 8:15:35 PM
There hasn't been any in-game method discovered to unlock those characters, they will most likely be DLC.

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#3Devilmaycry245Posted 9/16/2012 8:15:37 PM
Gotta wait until DLC is released. The date is unknown at this time
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#4ShaymusGiven(Topic Creator)Posted 9/16/2012 8:28:32 PM
Man, i was hoping to start my team of Lei, Dr. B Play Dead combo :(