what is the korean backdash and why is it called that?

#1kenechPosted 9/19/2012 4:37:08 PM
topic. Just want to know. Also can it be done on tekken 6 for psp?
#2Zio_DynePosted 9/19/2012 4:51:37 PM
Cancelling back-dashes with up/down to cover more distance in less time.
Back, back, down, back, back, down, back, back down...
I'd assume it's called Korean Back-dash because it was discovered by a Korean player, but *shrug*
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It is where you hold back during a backdash to stay blocking, cancel it with a crouch then repeat to move backwards quickly and safely, only vulnerable to lows except when you crouch.

As for the name, dunno, but since Tekken is pretty popular over in Korea I'm guessing the technique either origionated there or is just widely used there.
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#4LandonioPosted 9/19/2012 5:39:11 PM
Where exactly does the neutral come into play, though? Because I've heard like 3 different things. It's confusing. And do you have to do it for every backdash?
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From: Landonio | #004
Where exactly does the neutral come into play, though? Because I've heard like 3 different things. It's confusing. And do you have to do it for every backdash?

Between the B,B, and the D,B

I can't do it for crap on a controller though
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#6A_Nonny_MoosePosted 9/19/2012 5:50:15 PM
You can't block while backdashing, so you have to cancel it quickly by crouching, then backdash again and cancel it again, and so forth, to move backwards safely.
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The Korean backdash is a form of backdash cancelling, a way to quickly and repeatedly backdash, in order to create space and retreat, or cause whiffs which can be punished.

It is called that because it was first used by Korean players around the time of the first Tekken Tag Tournament.
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I suck at Tekken and have only been playing it a couple weeks, so take the rest with a grain of salt, but I like to try and understand the mechanics of fighting games.

first, you ARE blocking during the backdash as long as you HOLD your back command. You are vulnerable to mids during the time that you're crouching (obviously).

for the backdash to work, you start off with b, b, then d/b, N, b, db, N, b, etc. When you let go of d/b, you need to have a a b command register as well to count as the first b input of a backdash (turn on command history), and the neutral is between releasing the d/b and pressing b again, which would count as the second b input of your backdash.

The reason for the neutral is because you need a b, b command to backdash, which is actually b, N, b. If you don't hit neutral between the d/b and pressing back again, you won't actually go back into a dash.

You can test if you're doing it correctly by just holding d/b for as long as you want, releasing and then pressing and holding back. If you do that part right, you'll get a backdash.