Harada: "I don't want to hear 'bring back XXX' anymore"

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I ask a lot of questions. Just to let 'ya know.
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harada said he wants to know which characters people want for the next game and now he complains about people actually doing what he wanted? what a troll.
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LOL what a funny status update :P
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Though this is funny, this isn't how you should speak to your fans.
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Chain_Strike posted...
Harada's like

Harada: Calm the F*** down play TTT2 have some patience and wait.....idiots...
fans: *rages beyond belief* WE WANTS IT NOW!!!!
Harada: Where's my ugly stick?

Seriously...people gotta learn to lay off.

I want a Juri game from Capcom...do you think I'll get it right now or anytime soon? Probably not...can I wait for it? Yes...Do I want to wait for it? HELL NO! But I will wait...since Juri is worth the wait.

People are greedy....they all deserve a kick to the chest and them send them flying into a wall splattering them against it.

How pathetic.
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anyone remember that guy who asked harada to bring Nina back after TTT2 was already out in arcades :P

Harada's reaction was so glorious.
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silly_sausage posted...
I dare someone to literally ask Harada to bring back "Xxx". If enough people spam it, Xxx could very well become a real character.

We did this with Ed Boon and we got Rain back in MK9
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I wish I could have a few drinks with Harada and Ed Boon.