Critique my recent match plz!

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Ignore Unceremonious, his scrub ass don't know why you shouldn't just be hitting launchers alone from a trying to win the game perspective, he just thinks it's some kind of unbeatable best strategy ever and can't stop crying about people doing it.
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BARONATRON posted...
I think what unceramonius is trying to say is there's too much emphasis on combos rather than outplaying your opponent.
That doesn't mean that being defensive is bad, but there are times where people only go for the safe option even when it's not working. Why go for the safe mid every time if your opponent never ducks?

That's why you have to play mixups to break their defense. If you use only one move, you will never win against a good player. Safe moves are abusable moves because they can't be punished. Although there is no such thing as a perfectly safe move, anything that whiffs can be punished given timing and positioning.
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Just watched your vid. One thing I think you need to improve on is your spacing. Sure Asuka has one of the best whiff punishers in the game but it won't do much if you're always to far away to whiff punish them. Always remember to stay near enough so that your f+2 will hit but far enough so that majority of your opponent's attacks whiff. This means engraving in your mind f+2 range and knowing the ranges of your opponent's attacks. As for the guy who's whining about Asuka being too defensive I'll say this Asuka is a defensive character. She is a natural born turtle. Her attacks are slow and don't give her any advantage whatsoever if they get blocked. Her offensive options are very limited and predictable. Her playstyle revolves around baiting your opponent to whiff and punishing them. To do this proper spacing and knowledge of your opponent is key. Get too far and you're just wasting your time but get too near and you'll be abused. Anyways that's all I have to say about the matter. Keep practicing and good luck with your future matches. ^_^
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Lol istillduno, really still doesnt know lol

Nobody said it was a unbeatable is the ONLY strategy

There is a reason you wimps keep playing like the counter is to do the same. You must be one of these really bad, ball less skilless players as well i see. Oooooh better not attack, ill be done for.

Do you hide in cod too in the corners?

Great strategy wuss
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Stay salty.
Atlus are the harbringers of PS3 region locking, boycott P4 Arena.
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Uh thanks? Ill make sure i do

If your trying to be all clever and quick witted, using a completely unoriginal phrase......mission failed.
Insanity leads to chaos then to solitude, the fruitless effort of adding meaning to what is meaningless!!!
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well i'm guessing you were asuka....for one thing playing solo is a disadvantage most of the time. also you use a pretty common character so most people know what to do against her. your style is in the annoying category i'm afraid....dash back and wait for an opening to get a launcher...people may knock it...but it IS effective (sadly). work on rushing down so you can alternate tactics if you need to. your combos were pretty good. getting hit by things like the tackle and ground punching is hurting you. that is probably the only "grab" type move that you should be able to escape at a VERY high rate. finishing some of those juggles where you had your opponent in the air with a low sweep is wasted opportunity. you had him carried to the wall at one point and had no good follow-up. the opponent turtled up towards the end...don't be scared to rush up and attempt a grab...this usually catches people off guard who expect you to keep playing defensively as you were.
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Actually most of unceramonius salty questions have already been answered by Violet Lee and the others in this topic.

Stay salty dude.
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