I just found a song to use for Heavenly Garden... it's perfect!

#1zacR110Posted 10/10/2012 3:13:05 PM(edited)
Sorry for the random topic, but I tried this song and it goes so well with Jun's entrance and even the whole fight... I highly recommend using it...

Here it is: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OjN-HRGmp8Y
#2zhaoyun99Posted 10/10/2012 3:28:20 PM
This one suit Heavenly Garden better IF you defeat Unknown fast enough to get to the Heavy part: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GZUN89RaP60
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#3DraconatedPosted 10/10/2012 3:34:13 PM
I use's the PS1 remix of Jun's theme, it fits the stage so perfectly.
#4Kage-MaruPosted 10/10/2012 3:56:27 PM
heres what i use, i think it fits perfect
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#5ChaozCloudPosted 10/10/2012 4:13:26 PM
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#6DeePhenomPosted 10/10/2012 4:27:42 PM
Im using this song

#7KNITEMAREXPosted 10/10/2012 4:37:02 PM
I use Dragon theme from DBZ (Funi version). Works nicely, I hate the original theme for that stage
#8daalias29Posted 10/10/2012 4:41:06 PM
Emotionless Passion, Kazuya's theme from T2 for Fallen Garden. enough said. Heavenly Garden, i don't know maybe Jun's T2 theme.
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#9AIbedoPosted 10/10/2012 5:02:43 PM

You're welcome.
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#10shagadelicPosted 10/10/2012 5:11:46 PM
Ogre's theme from Tekken Tag 1 is what I use.