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Wow ! The characters in this game are a total ripoff!!!!

#1B_COWPosted 10/11/2012 12:30:14 AM
I can't believe they thought they'd get away with this. A lot of the characters bare resemblance to other characters from different games, but Marshall/Forest Law are complete rip offs of Liu Kang from Mortal Kombat.....

How has anyone not noticed this?!??!?!?!?

They didn't even try to change him, even his outfits are similar . I'm surprised MK hasn't tried to sue for copyright infringement. It's pathetic when a game can make a completely unique and original character, and then some other game just comes along and swipes their idea.
I love Tekken, but this is just low.
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#2ChaozCloudPosted 10/11/2012 12:33:11 AM
Not sure if bad joke or just stupid.
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#3BrutaI_DeluxePosted 10/11/2012 12:34:02 AM
Just report it as trolling and carry on.
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#4LazyBroPosted 10/11/2012 12:34:43 AM
Not trying hard enough/10
#5ZafinaFanPosted 10/11/2012 12:43:37 AM
Halo was the first game to feature a Bruce Lee type character.

MK ripped off Halo.
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#6B_COW(Topic Creator)Posted 10/11/2012 12:56:07 AM
Why is it that anytime someone asks a legitimate question or points something out it's considered trolling??
I searched "Liu" and "kang" and got nothing, so I figured no one has noticed or bothered to say anything. Sorry if You think I'm wrong or joking, I'm not.
Some people say cucumbers taste better pickled.
#7AnderjakPosted 10/11/2012 12:56:08 AM

But clearly Street Fighter did it first with FEI LONG....

But they clearly ripped it off from Jackie Chan's Action Kung Fu for TurboGraphx-16!

I smell a conspiracy............
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#8VorTeX_MonKeYPosted 10/11/2012 12:56:14 AM
This topic fails, and is now about SNAKES ON A PLANE.
#9mraustindude19Posted 10/11/2012 1:01:45 AM
VorTeX_MonKeY posted...
This topic fails, and is now about SNAKES ON A PLANE.

Snakes on a planes stars Samuel L Jackson,Samuel starts with an S, like Snoop dogg this topic is now about knocc em down.
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#10jmtstanPosted 10/11/2012 1:09:12 AM
in most fighting games, there's 1 Bruce Lee wannabes TC, Fei Long from SF, Liu Kang from MK, Jann Lee from DOA, etc.
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