I've had the game since release.

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Thank you all. You have been helpful.
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gearofages posted...
And I have lost 39 matches in a row.

I don't understand what people do to be so good at this game.

After loosing 10 fights in a row you should take a small break and go into practice mode to work on your defense (that's usually what I do). I know what it's like...it can be very demoralizing when you start loosing to every one all the suddenly, especially in ranked games.
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I strongly disagree with that statement, is much easier to learn offense to the point it gives u a chance to win than to learn to defend to the point defense gives you the upper hand.

My point is you may spend 10 hours in practice and your still not going to be anywhere close to actually being able to claim you have improved your defense (because too many moves to many characters)

Furthermore he should much rather learn a few juggles and NOT DROP THEM learn to punish to leave baits and launch once your opponent bites the bait

If you get decent with yoru offense you will be able to win quite a few matches while in the process you will also learn to defend gradually
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I also play player matches exclusively. I suppose facing a grandmaster every other match makes it difficult for a beginner. I don't want to mess with ranked until I feel like I can win a few.
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I posted about this before, but is there some trick to comboing after Waning Moon? I've practiced for hours, but I can't get back after executing the throw. All of the forums and guides take it for granted that the player can get back. I must be doing something very wrong. I usually just spam foward in order to initiate the dash, but I don't see any other way of doing it.