Xiaoyu who else?

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Xiaoyu and 420 go together I promise :)

Xiaoyu is a saint! She's a good girl, not some gross trashy stoner chick :(

as a not-really-gross-but-still-pretty-trashy stoner, I take offense to that. :,(

you're a girl???
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I use Xiaoyu sometimes, but she's never been one of my mains.
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Xiaoyu's my main in Tekken 6. I'd main her in Tag 2 but I went for Jun instead. Every now and then, I team those two up.
I'm a guy, not a gal. :p
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I use Xiao too, and mostly tag her either on Jin and Jaycee/Michelle.
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I main Xiaoyu and Miharu.
Sub: Miharu and Xiaoyu
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