Who will you marry...Pt. 2

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lol xD

i feel like i'm the bad guy there O_O
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AlexEternalCham posted...
lol xD

i feel like i'm the bad guy there O_O

if it's one thing you should know about my previews....never believe what you see ^_^
We've been too muthaf***in' nice!!!
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lol =))
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and thensome
We've been too muthaf***in' nice!!!
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Nice. Don't know what else to say.
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silly_sausage posted...
Nice. Don't know what else to say.

cheer up !! n.n
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We've been too muthaf***in' nice!!!
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SURPRISE FANFIC.....as per the request of K8_sven95 O3O

"Sweet Thing" By Chaka Khan playing in the background

AlexEternalCham & K8_sven95 kissing

Alex: *stops*...

K8: What's wrong??

Alex: The......the song, it's not getting me.....there =/

K8: But it's Chaka....Chaka KHAN

Alex: I know I know. But this *plays "Make It Clap" by YG*.....AWEEE YEAH *leans in to kiss K8*

K8: Uhhhhh....no *changes song to "I Like" by Kut Klose* oooh come here suga baby x3x

Alex: =/.....

K8: o3x....what??

Alex: Not feelin' it

K8: C'MON!!!!

*remote falls off the couch and changes the song to "Just Be Gentle" by MoKenStef*

Alex: Okay i'm feelin' this one

K8: Alright alright x3x

Alex: x3x

They kiss

K8: should we move to the room???

Alex: I'll make this our room

K8: oooh come here

continue kissing

Alex: *works his way lower and lower....and lower*

K8: oooooh yes

Alex: performs oral

K8: AAH....oooo

Alex: You like that?

K8: STAHP talking...do that swirly thing again......aaah ooooh

Alex: *moves back up*....hehe now it's your turn ;P

They switch positions

K8: Oooh you are solid o3o

Alex: What did you say? Oh yeah "STAHP talking and do that swirly thing"

K8: Haha....you lucky you're good at that... :O *performs oral*

Alex: Oh oh....sweet...aaah....gah.....gah....MOTHER OF GAWD

K8: *stops* You ready for me?? ^-^

Alex: Yes.....I hope your other mouth is just as wet O3O *picks K8 up*

They kiss

K8: I.....I want....I want you inside me

Alex: As you wish....*penetrates*

They do the deed

3.5 hours later

K8: Imma be walking bow legged for a week

Alex: Haha :)
We've been too muthaf***in' nice!!!
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