Looking for recommendations for a Baek partner...

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3 years ago#1
Anyone here have any suggestions for a partner to use with Baek, plus general tips?

Thanks in advance!
3 years ago#2
please don't pick baek
omg das ofensive pls delet it -__-
don't try me sucka
3 years ago#3
Well I've mained him since T5:DR. I also use Armor King/Marduk and I've been trying out Raven/Yoshimitsu too.

Just looking for suggestions in general for Baek, but if you have any other suggestions for the aforementioned, please post as well! Thanks again.
3 years ago#4
Baek has a great mixup game due to flamingo

Go for raven, he will compliment baeks confusing stance mixups by having his own, he can also be played more defensively/zony to counter the aggressive nature of flamingo mixups
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3 years ago#5
Jun (cute couple)
Hwoarang (student)

or if you want more crazy mix ups
raven like the guy above said
3 years ago#6
Thanks everyone, I've been using Bruce, but I'm getting bored and it's not really an effective team (at least for me). Raven could work nicely, since I already use him with my Yoshi team. I'll have to learn Hwoarang, Jun, and Zafina though. Any good players on YouTube that I can look up, as far as seeing how those three characters play?

Much appreciated, once again!
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  3. Looking for recommendations for a Baek partner...

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