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Story mode is confirmed (Archived)ariesguy8884/26/2012
will this game have any...minigames? (Archived)blackcry7784/26/2012
Pre-order it now or later? (Archived)NocturneDream64/25/2012
Is human-oid ogre in, or just true ogre? (Archived)
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Dat ALIASING... (Archived)werewolfgold54/25/2012
Was Playing Tekken 2 on the PSN Earlier (Archived)NathanCopeland24/24/2012
Hope the Fight Lab stage is usable in real matches... (Archived)Solid Sonic44/23/2012
Prediction on who will be added back from the cut characters (Archived)
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Hey guys, I'm a newbie and need help picking a main from Tekken 6. (Archived)JBL8154/23/2012
Harada hints at new character. (Archived)
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How will the graphics survive? (Archived)
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Where was Gon hinted at? (Archived)SonicNextGen264/21/2012
Combot (Archived)wave100084/21/2012
Any news about the console version? (Archived)TatsuKatana84/21/2012
Kazuya should have been on the cover! (Archived)gokumadara131364/21/2012
Worst tekken character design? (Archived)
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I don't want Gon back as a playable character at all... (Archived)NocturneDream64/21/2012
Jin Kazama is so money...... (Archived)MyMentorSnake74/20/2012
So, if the game is coming out in September now... (Archived)werewolfgold104/20/2012
Online: What needs to be done? (Archived)
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