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Tekken and Resident evil similarities? (Archived)Cratle2W44/18/2012
I feel like Kuma is going to be Top 10 in this game. (Archived)ZTS_vs_Deck54/17/2012
No paid DLC character plans for Tekken (article) (Archived)KNITEMAREX54/17/2012
Pick Your 6 (Archived)
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New Stage (Archived)TakezoShingen34/17/2012
Tag Tournament 2 coming in September + New info (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3 ]
When is the trailer coming out? (Archived)pokestone64/16/2012
The time has come... (Archived)werewolfgold54/15/2012
More intro & win pose for console version? (Archived)Leezuya34/13/2012
How did the mishimas become top tier all of a sudden? (Archived)corridor8924/13/2012
Has Lili been confirmed yet? (Archived)TheBestGman200774/13/2012
Does anyone know if the barrier for entry is high for this game? (Archived)
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T6 or this? (Archived)
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Unlimited (Archived)CP9_D64/11/2012
Your favorite character from each generation. (Archived)
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Are the characters exact copies of their T6 selves? (Archived)lennethsoki64/11/2012
My biggest problem with Lars. (Archived)YoungGganon104/8/2012
2 Kunimitsu references in SFxT (Archived)Natsume_Tien764/7/2012
Does Jun showing up in TTT2 hint at signs that she's still around? (Archived)thompsontalker753/30/2012
What Tekken game do you think had the best roster? (Archived)
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