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Why do people spam annoying characters in online?lordwafflez110/4 7:02AM
Tekken Tag Tournament 2 - $4.99 on Xbox Live (Archived)replicant17/26 9:24PM
Why this game gets so much hate - From a New players eyes. (Archived)GnarrGnarrBinks13/12 10:01PM
Tekken Tag 2: Avatar The Last Airbender / Legend of Korra Inspired Combo Video (Archived)LegendarySparda11/2 8:48PM
Tekken is way TOO hard for the average player (Archived)chackalacka123438/25/2014
This is who lee chaolin was based off of... (Archived)Darkest_Evil28/12/2014
Can TTT2 save be backed up? (Archived)mkfighter17/29/2014
Lars movement (Archived)IRuILeZz17/29/2014
so is there no way to play online? (Archived)VENOMOUS7517/15/2014
I have finally found the yin to my Hwoarang (Archived)DangDilly36/26/2014
on sale this week on Live for $6.79! (Archived)BADNEWSCREWSE96/26/2014
How to not suck? (Archived)Joexi46/26/2014
Does the digital download version come with the on-line pass? (Archived)TheEvilOmega26/21/2014
the only thing I don't like (Archived)joemoetoe16/11/2014
is there a chart somewhere tjat shows how all these characters relate? (Archived)dryingpan10125/19/2014
how to chain king throws? (Archived)dryingpan10125/17/2014
This is theee best tekken game ever made! (Archived)Darkest_Evil44/23/2014
Looking for players. (Archived)BlacknGold8623/21/2014
Check My Tekken Youtube channel out (Help) (Archived)JUNKAZAMA9722/20/2014
Do people still play this online? (Archived)drafterowar62/20/2014
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