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4 years ago#1
are they planning on releasing a PC version of this?
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4 years ago#2
No doubt. Microsoft has nothing to do with this release (other than having it on XBLA) and Remedy owns the IP rights to the franchise.
4 years ago#3
It says it is published by Microsoft on gamefaqs. Seems like it will be another long wait to me, but who knows. Maybe remedy isn't a total liar when they speak of wanting to reach their PC audience... I just hope they announce something before I buy this blurry version that runs at 25 fps.
4 years ago#4
Highly likely.
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4 years ago#5
Well the pc version of the first game sold enough to pay for it's cost in full. So I'm sure there will be a PC version and I'll be getting that instead.
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4 years ago#6
The PC version of the first game is selling pretty good so hopefully it's a good sign for Alan Wake 2 and for this to come to PC.
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