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5 years ago#1
for any that might know or have played already: can you play the whole game and try and get the best score? kind of like call of duty 4 arcade mode for those who played. hate on call of duty all you want but i played cod 4 over I do not know, 500 hours. and that was not MP. I was hooked on trying to get the best scores. mafia 2 dlc also had leaderboards and got me hooked as well. every new cod i hope they bring back that feature but never do. i am such a fan of modes like this that when no one would give me a straight answer nor could i find one searching on google I went ahead and bought modern warfare 2 hoping it had it had that mode. needless to say it collected dust and was up on ebay within a month.

thank you
5 years ago#2
it's just a survival mode, it's call fight till dawn.
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5 years ago#3
PostalDudesHere posted...
it's just a survival mode, it's call fight till dawn.

darn. well i assume it will at least have leaderboards. i mean, all arcade games are required to have one. even games like LIMBO where it is so pointless to have one. The only question is will the leaderboard be pointless like LIMBO. meaning you are ranked by progress in the game. I do not know why developers do not do this stuff like cod 4 and mafia 2. if they are all so hell bent on online you'd think even the single player games would have a cool leaderboard,

OK. Thanks for the info.
5 years ago#4
There are online leaderboards. To quote...

"Fight Till Dawn is the gameís arcade mode, a wave-based arena survival game where the goal is to get the highest score before time runs out. You start off with a single map, but thereís a total of 5 maps to go through, and each map has a ĎNightmare Difficultyí version of it which you can also unlock. Maps are unlocked by achieving ĎStarsí, which you obtain by reaching a certain score in a stage, with a total of three stars to earn in each map. This might be the biggest departure from the original Alan Wake one might imagine, but it surprisingly works and is quite fun. The five arenas are completely new and donít appear in the gameís story mode (though you can see a few of the maps in the distance during the campaign) which almost makes this feel like another half to the game. Each map has an amusing cheesy description and each match starts with an equally cheesy line by the Night Springs narrator.

This mode I found to be quite a bit more challenging than the gameís story mode. Thereís an increased focus on survival, but also on doing well in matches. Your best score gets recorded on an online leaderboard for incentive to improve or get a better score than your friends. There are a few key ways to do a bit better in this mode though (at the time of writing Iím topping nearly every leaderboard compared to the other reviewers. Come on, other reviewers, pick up your game!).

Firstly, sometimes itís best to wait to kill an enemy rather than kill them straight-on. The game has a Score Multiplier, which decreases over time signified by how much ďColorĒ the number of the multiplier is filled up by (the Score Multiplier fills with color from the bottom to the top as you do well in the game. When it completely fills to the top, the multiplier goes up by one, with a cap of x9.). Killing enemies does fill the gauge, but itís filled almost twice as much for successful dodge maneuvers. Now, of course, you donít get points until youíve killed an enemy, but sometimes itís a good idea to be more defensive and raise your Score Multiplier and then take on the offense when itís high rather than to simply kill everything in sight. This makes for an interesting cat-mouse scenario when trying to go for high scores, especially since a single hit will knock your multiplier back to one (and it drains over time as well). Also, itís a good idea in the last 30 seconds or so to clear the map of every enemy and let the next enemy wave begin, as if you survive till dawn the sun breaks and every enemy on the arena currently is killed and added to your final score.

The arenas themselves are interestingly designed and of good size to be explorable and allow for different environmental strategies for players. Weapons and items are scattered around, including weapon briefcases which are unlocked when you collect a certain number of Manuscript pages in the gameís story mode.

While this may be a straight up Horde mode, the twists and gameplay mechanics of American Nightmareís Fight Till Dawn mode make it a pretty tense experience and turns out to be a lot of fun to play, and the Nightmare difficulty maps are appreciated for those who want even more of a challenge. However, itís a bit disappointing that such a mode doesnít have any form of multiplayer. Not to say every game needs online, but itís hard to shake the feeling of how much fun a mode like this would be with a friend."
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5 years ago#5
A game lasts for up to 10 minutes, at which point the sun shows up and you "win." At first there's only one map available, but you earn 1-3 stars based on your performance and unlock more maps that way (think Spec Ops). There are five total and each map also has a "Nightmare" version that changes things up and obviously makes it more difficult.

Maps are pretty big and ammo/weapons are scattered throughout. Most of the good weapons (like the assault rifle and combat shotgun) require you to play through the campaign and find manuscript pages to unlock their cases. Every kill builds up your multiplier, but one hit resets it. There are leaderboards for all 10 locations based on score.
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5 years ago#6
Sounds a bit like "the mercenaries" from Resi, only with a time limit which can't be extended.
5 years ago#7
It's a bit like that, but there are quite a few differences in it as well.
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5 years ago#8
Having played the arcade mode I really like it. I certainly think there's a decent bit of replay value in this if getting scores is your sort of thing.
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