The answer to the preowned games debate?

#1jay119Posted 2/22/2012 9:08:59 AM

I've not played much of this game so far, and already I'm impressed by how much you get for 1200msp. If what I've seen so far carries on and reviews of the game are to be believed, then the value of this is much better than the majority of full RRp games. So will this format mean the end of the debate surrounding preowned games hurting games devlopers? It's already so cheap that I really don't care about not being able to trade it in after, and the price point also means it is much more affordable and therefore people won't really need a lower preowned price point to afford it (most decent preowned games are about 15 anyway).

The only downside I can see is taking trade away from retailers, but maybe both systems can co-exist, like this example from the Alan Wake franchise; some full RRP boxed titles, some downloadable.

Any ideas?