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4 years ago#1
you can get this amazing game along with other great arcade games for 50% this week for the deal of the week
4 years ago#2
Picked it up finally. I'm a huge AW fan, but 1200 points was a bit too much from what I heard in reviews.
4 years ago#3
Would have been nice to know before I bought this last week for full price!!!!
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4 years ago#4
yeah i couldnt pass it up :D especially since all i had was 600 msp
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4 years ago#5
great deal
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4 years ago#6
What you guy's are not mentioning is that you had to be a (GOLD-member) in order to get this game for 600 MP! I really hate that about XBL!!! Same thing with XBL retail game demos i.e. those of us who can't afford GOLD or like me don't play MP'er games online have to wait for a week or two if not more sometimes to even see the demo on XBL let alone play it! In my view that's just (BS-(period), why you may ask, because I'm now and have been from the very beginning of XBL a (PAYING) customer i.e. I have been and still buy games on XBL!!
This is a win,win forum i.e. you help me, you help yourself. Now we're both happy!
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