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Is the soundtrack as good as the original? (Archived)ViolentJericho82/23/2012
Where Is The The Apperance Of Mr Scratch ManuScript? (Archived)ARCADEYAHOO32/23/2012
horrendously stuck/help appreciated *spoilers i guess* (Archived)RedKnightKanbei82/23/2012
Bought and Completed it today. My thoughts. (Archived)
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No melee weapons wtf (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
Missing 2 manuscript pages from the Observatory (Archived)ChillerONE22/23/2012
Resolution and graphics (Archived)all_that_juice42/23/2012
Collectibles (Archived)captpluto9932/23/2012
My idea on what could have been a good twist...(spoilers) (Archived)Crazen1622/23/2012
Is this why they have you repeat areas? (Archived)Gunvalkyrie232/23/2012
a gameplay change that bugs me (Archived)mr_teaspoon32/23/2012
first game was much, much longer (Archived)
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Televisions (Archived)glassghost012/23/2012
Does Alan still run out of breath after running 6 steps? (Archived)slayerxelite92/23/2012
Catch the Men In Black reference? (minor spoilers) (Archived)casedawgz22/23/2012
Stage Progression question (possible spoilers) (Archived)vgsrule42/23/2012
Win this on facebook (Archived)corex3d22/23/2012
The Grenadier Manuscript page location? (Archived)Ncartwright1542/23/2012
Bought this game from Gamestop (Archived)
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You can get this game for free (Archived)nw6392/23/2012
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