Easy Gain LP Cheat(sort of)

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5 years ago#1
You guys know how you get 5 free LP everytime say,you raise your town's worth to the next 'level'? And how you raise your town's worth by buying furniture and stuff for your house? Well, you can delete stuff to roll your town's worth below the last reward amount. Exit game and close app. Buy something to get back to the reward amount. Delete and repeat.
Once you get enough LP...buy as many LP required special houses as you want, and sell the things inside for cash! Easy money! It is however, sorta repetitive.
5 years ago#2
This is a great idea! No other ways to get money huh? I just bought a bunch of stuff spent all my money 25,000 my value is 879,023 I need to get to 900,000 to try your cheat. I already sold all my items out of the movie house and decreased and even deleted all my other houses to gain money. Only issue with deleting houses is when they come home from work low on needs they won't leave their home until the needs are met so I made very tiny rooms with the bare minimums. Any other ideas let me know thanks!
5 years ago#3
Sure.heheh.Small tip.Once you reach 1 million,you get 10 LP instead of 5 everytime you advance to the town value's next level.
5 years ago#4
this is really the only way anyone has found to make more LP? I'm at the part of needing 50LP for a rv boat, it sucks.
5 years ago#5
It's a real effective way of earning simoleons yknow. Too bad its repetitive.
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