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5 years ago#1
This is a pretty interesting game and I haven't really seen any kind of strategy posted. Here are my thoughts so far, based on human v human battles.

Actions are the most valuable resource.

Healers are extremely valuable, because they can heal more damage than most units can dish out. You can completely negate the damage an opponent did on his turn in a few actions with a healer. Don't forget that you can also use them to attack if the situation calls for it.

It's worth it to spend a turn to stomp out a downed enemy so he can't be revived, especially if he has one or more upgrades. (To stomp, move you unit onto the square of a downed enemy) It's rarely worth it to kill a unit that is within healing range of a healer if you can't stomp them out. If they're out of healing range, you can at least force your opponent to burn an action to get their healer in position.

Upgraded units are valuable not because upgrades are rare, but because you used actions to place those upgrades.

Don't use Inferno unless you can use it to devastating effect. Just because there are a lot of units clustered together doesn't mean it's worth it. If there are a bunch of weakened units and you can kill at least 2 of them, then go for it.

Think of the scroll as an extra action. It lets you do 3x damage, but it uses up 1 action to equip it, and 1 action to use it. So, without a scroll you're using 3 actions to do 3x damage, and with a scroll you're using 2 actions to do the same amount of damage.

Swords on Knights are wasted. Knights are terrible at killing things because of their knockback. You can of course corner a unit to negate this, but it's very situational. You want to give your swords to your archers and especially your ninja. Knights are there to clog up the board and take hits. Don't hesitate to give them armor so they can take more hits. Even better, put them on Armor squares. Archers equipped with swords on sword squares can dish out massive amounts of damage.

Your lowest priority is attacking the enemy crystal. Only do this if you're in a good defensive position and want to pressure your opponent to come at you. In theory you win the game by killing crystals, but in reality, you win the game by killing all their units. Every action that you spend attacking the crystal is an action that could've been used to improve your control of the board.
5 years ago#2
Don't send your ninja out to attack. If a different unit is on the frontlines, teleport change with them then attack with the ninja, then teleport the ninja back into your side to keep him safe.
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5 years ago#3
Good stuff. One thing I would add is to keep in mind that if you're moving first, but don't have a very functional initial draw, you can put literally your entire turn towards a full exchange without really giving your opponent that much of an advantage. The slight head start you get from moving first isn't worth much if you don't have much to work with during that turn.
5 years ago#4
I have a few to contribute:

If you get 1 or more enemies down but either don't have the turns to stomp them, or doing so would compromise your position or a valuable unit, you can use nukes (ie: inferno) to wipe them off the board and do collateral damage.

As Dark Elves, healers are much less useful; a damaged unit can often heal itself to a safe range by attacking enemies, and with the +leech armor, can usually do so within a couple turns.

Also as DE, your wraith starts out quite weak but can become a beast once you start consuming downed units. It only takes 3 to max out, but once you do that with full upgrades, you'll have nearly 1200 hp, 30% magic resistance and do 600 magic damage without even being on a sword tile. Guard it while it's weak, and even more once you max it out.

Personally, I've won all of my matches by destroying crystals, and only lost 2 from running out of units. You definitely don't want to make the crystal your priority, but you should be positioning your units to take advantage of attacking the crystal to pressure your opponent. As humans, put buffed soldiers on the +crystal damage tiles early on, and any unit in your army can put massive damage out on the crystals. It's a bit harder to control them as DE, but you can also use ghosts to control the tiles with expendable units.
5 years ago#5
I've notices that a knight's knockback is good for separating units from each other, esp. when trying to knock them into range for an archer, or away from a healer. This seems to be underused by others so far...

The Mage is a unit that I've heard nothing about so far in this thread. Are they worth using? In the games I've played so far, I keep getting freaked out by enemy mages with a sword as well as a scroll kicking my butt. Perhaps it is worth upgrading the mage, and then focus on scaring them away with the mage while setting up with knights to form a blockade?
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4 years ago#6
Now that I've played a LOT more games with both Council and Dark Elves (ended up buying them for 99cents), I can give a lot more opinions.
As far as Council goes, the ARCHER I feel is the most valuable unit. Her long range and high atk make her a good scare-factor when the enemy considers their options. Combined with the Inferno spell, she can clear a unit from 3 squares away. That forces people either to spend one more move than the opposition in order to atk her.

HEALERS have the extreme advantage of healing more dmg than people can dish out. Basically, as long as the opponent is too scared to clear you without getting killed themselves, they won't stomp units that they've knocked out. This allows your healer to heal up faster than they can dmg, and you usually get an extra action point advantage during the dmg/healing cycle.

KNIGHTS have the distinct ability to survive all normal atks. Archers and DarkElves Spears can still take them out while getting a boost on a premium square or a scroll (or 2!), but generally speaking Knights in full armor can survive anything and are good for charging in with. As long as you pair a Healer with them.

WIZARDS..... are less useful, in my opinion. Generally speaking, I use them for distraction and putting the fear in my opponents. They are too weak, and they have low movement. In comparison with the Knight & Healer, they have advantages that the Wizard doesn't (i.e. a natural 20% physical armor or the healing ability). The Archer has the same amount of movement, but not only has higher atk but a farther atk range as well. There's just no comparison with the Ninja.

POTIONS let you REVIVE ANYWHERE ON THE MAP. That is a mind-blowingly huge advantage. The enemy usually sees that you don't have a Healer on the map and figures that you're too far from the base square for you to plop down a Healer to run out and heal them in time. They would be correct usually. Potions are the game-breaking difference between Dwarves and Council. Dark Elves get the SoulHarvest spell.... but SoulHarvest can't heal a Knight to max hp in a single action point.

NINJA can swap multiple unit locations. Not as game-breaking as most people think, but it also builds an exploitable combo with a fully armored Knight + Healer. Plus, they have huge dmg potential and high movement. However, they're actually a liability in my opinion. When a player gets a Ninja all geared up, they get super paranoid about protecting it. This ends up making the player spend extra points in GUARANTEEING the Ninja's safety and may waste much time.

TL;DR, Council pros/cons
-Council is REALLY stable.
-Potions let you REVIVE ANYWHERE. It's an advantage normally based on the enemy's psychological blind spot.
-Knights are good tanks and force your movement forward.
-Healers heal faster than enemy can kill/hurt you.
-Ninja can swap multiple unit locations. Also BIG DAMAGE.

-Wizards seem to be inferior unit. Can at least scare others from cluster formations.
-Don't get overprotective about the Ninja. Let it die if it gets you the advantage you need.

Overall, not much to say about the Council. Very stable and solid way of play, if not slightly predictable.
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4 years ago#7
Now that I've played a LOT more games with both Council and Dark Elves (ended up buying them for 99cents), I can give a lot more opinions.
As far as DarkElves goes, the general outlook I have with them is to be cautiously aggressive.

NECROMANCER is the most valuable unit. His long range and Necromancy skill make him a good scare-factor when the enemy considers their options. In stark contrast with the Council's Archer, he DOES NOT need to walk 3 squares to stomp the downed opponent! He DOES NOT even need to expend an Inferno Spell to clear the KO'd body. He merely raises a Phantom! That saves either a Spell from having to be used, or saves the trouble AND DANGER of walking to stomp the body! This is definitely the Dark Elves' game-changing advantage, in my opinion.

PRIESTESS have the range of an Archer/Necromancer, making their placement a lot easier to do than a Council's Healer. Unfortunately, that's about where her advantages end. Yes, she can half a unit's dmg for one atk. Yes she can heal farther. However, her healing is inherently weaker and inferior to a Healer's. Basically, opponents can outdmg you faster than you can curse them with 1/2 dmg. Also, they can keep up with the dmg on par with your healing, so healing usually won't cut it. Best way to utilize a Priestess' healing is to use the injured unit to ATTACK the enemy and LIFE LEECH partially, and then heal the rest with the Priestess. This allows you to distract the opponent with healing their own injured units and potentially force them to use action points for the movement of their Healer. As you can see..... Priestess are both good/bad thing.

IMPALERs are the dual damage dealers of this team along side Necromancers. Usually, buffing/gearing one of the two up is good for you. Necromancers I feel do better early in a game, while Impalers are better later in the game with their high-atk to offset the armor that the enemy units will undoubtedly have by now. Keep in mind that they are susceptible to getting quickly killed due to lack of physical armor, so I find having to use them to high and run, or attack with a scroll. Keep in mind: high attack, no defense. So... basically, also a good/bad thing like the Priestess.

WRAITH. They have so much potential, it's not even funny. With the ability to "eat" dead bodies, they make enemy opponents wary of killing your units near your Wraith. They will be scared to KO a unit and then flee without stomping. In turn, this leads to them HAVING TO stomp units near your Wraith. But that in turn also endangers said unit, and may result in you killing that enemy unit and feeding on the KO'd body anyways! So as you can see, this is a very nice threat to make to enemies to prevent them from KOing your units... or attacking at all. Smart people will immediately see through this ruse however, and the potential of Wraiths is often dampened when facing advanced players. Even then, when playing against advance players and you FINALLY get the Wraith to "consume" 5 bodies (Five is the max you can eat.).... they can easily ruin your hard work by blitzing and slaying your Wraith. No physical armor, you see.
....But at least you can summon a Wraith from a KO body anywhere on the map.... Counts for something I suppose. But it's a Super Unit, and he will be rare. So...........Wraith is good and bad, leaning toward the bad. It starts out weak and is likely to stay weak if your opponent knows what s/he's doing. If not, curbstomp your opponent away with the Wraith! MWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
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4 years ago#8
I saved VOID MONK for nearly last because, well he's just really background music in my gameplay. He's decent for defenses, and decent for attacking with. His movement is awesome with 3 movement tiles per action point! So, he's really the most average unit ever. Not bad, but not great. I'd say he's good and bad, leaning toward good.

MANA VIAL. Nearly useless with advance players, barely useful with more casual players. Advance players will stomp you out, thus nullifying the point of even having a Mana Vial.

I must make a point of saying that the Dark Elves have a huge weakness with the LACK OF PHYSICAL ARMOR. They often get taken down by a single fully geared Archer with sufficient healing, simply because you don't have the armor to deal with her. The fear factor of a fully gear enemy Archer is MUCH greater on a Dark Elves team, especially if you're falling behind, and the enemy insists on picking off your units. This is why I'd advice focusing on Archers ASAP when they start getting geared up. Even Ninjas are not as big of a problem as Archers when playing as a Dark Elf team.

TL;DR, DarkElves pros/cons
-Necromancers are highly efficient and can "stomp" a unit without moving or having to have a spell.
-Priestess have efficient placement.
-LifeLeech + Priestess can save your units from dying.
-High HP can be reached with sufficient support/gear/items used
-Wraith can be summoned with a dead body anywhere on map.
-VoidMonk are soldiers and can do splash damage to other units, forcing them to heal or risk loss of surrounding units.... Send them in, do as much damage as you can, finish with your better units. Also, block with them; Clog enemy paths.

-DarkElves depend too much on scare tactics IMO.
-Wraith is weak. Advance players will stop him cold.
-LifeLeech + Priestess is not as good as a Healer. It's like treading water.
-Mana Vial is low on the usefulness scale.

Overall, playing as a DarkElf team really depends on you being smart. My playstyle with Dark Elves are very Threat-based, and making the opponent too scared to make the moves they need to make to beat me. Snipe with Necromancers, it will prevent a lot of grief from losing a well-geared Impaler just because you had to run in to stomp the unit you just killed.
nothing thats any good is free. hell, most things that SUCK aren't even free~typh0n~
Air is free, and last time I checked, it kicked serious ass~AgentParanoia~
4 years ago#9
I might be back some other time to post my opinions about the Dwarven team. I don't own them currently, and I can only say what I've seen from playing against them.
nothing thats any good is free. hell, most things that SUCK aren't even free~typh0n~
Air is free, and last time I checked, it kicked serious ass~AgentParanoia~
4 years ago#10
I want to share some unconventional tips with you guys, here's something to think about:

a priest actually does the same damage as a mage, but without the area chain effect. People tend to forget this and leave there units close to enemy priests thinking they will be safe, which could be a big mistake. This means if your priest is within enemy range at the start of your turn, it's possible to do 4 turn attack with your priest to kill the guy followed by the 5th turn walking over the corpse to loot him for a solid kill.

giving a sword to your priest will increase her healing power as well as her damage, its possible to form a strategy around this where the priest with the sword buff can heal and rez your guys to max health using only one action, giving you extra actions to move and/or deal damage with your archer/mage/ninja every round.

If the map has two crystals per team, focus on killing units The crystal near your spawn point will be well protected until end of game so you should be safe all the way through. If the map has only one crystal per team, pay attention because the enemy can easily kill your crystal which is in the mid field wide open for attacks. Put a buffed kinght infront of your crystal so they can't attack it. Dwarves have a huge advantage on maps with only one crystal, as they have many range aoe that can hit behind tanks, crystal drills that damages your crystal and everyone next to it, and bubble protection to defend their own crystal.

every race has a super unit. One fully buffed super unit can kill the entire opposing team if played correctly, hence it can change the tide and make the loosing team the winner. If you see your opponent's super unit in the field, it should be first priority to take him out of the game, IMO it's worth it if you end up sacrificing 2 - 3 of your normal units in order take out his super unit for good, because a well played super unit can easily kill 5 or more units if you don't take him out immediately. Likewise, save a sword, shield, and helmet for your own super unit and you'll have a power house in your hand.
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