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4 years ago#91
My id: xdarklordx66 it will have 4 just choose one that you need. Druide is full con so good tank.
4 years ago#92
Oh ya and if you want beast partners here are some. Lv 5 druide with 10k dmg and lv 15 blader with 25k dmg. Id: Donlavito. Lv 45 Blader with 28k dmg ID: kannun.
4 years ago#93
Well u guys can use me. Im not a hacked char but I use Zen. I mated out my skills on two of my chars and have 3 slot skill stones. Plus I'm lways changing my equips for betta sheathe stones dat can be added. My Id is Asanii. One of my chars is lvl 99 Blader(12k att, 3k def, 200 hit), lvl 62 Slayer (6k att, 2k def, 150hit), and I have a ranger I jus started whom is lvl 30+(2k att, 200def, 160 hit). Believe my ranger will be stronger by tha time dis day is ova lol. Remember I'm a Zen player, not a hacker. I feel havin 500k ATT and def is ridiculous and no fun lol. I don't kno if u can trade items like armor and sheathe stones, but I have tons of legendary, unique, and epic equips and sheathe stones I can give away. So if u need something message me. Hopefully I'll figure out how to do it. If anyone can tell me denn let me kno if its possible.
4 years ago#94
I need a level 20 something hacked partner. Could also. Use some gifts money or whatever. I'd: fg2fran
4 years ago#95
ID: supahg
lvl.50 Slayer (im almost immortal cause i have alot of defense all con)
4 years ago#96
Add me
4 years ago#97
Someone add me! rocky01
I havent been able to team with anyone yet!
4 years ago#98
Oh BTW Im a lvl 27 ranger
4 years ago#99
For those who like to play hacker free...


Blader Lvl 46 Att 1608 Def 711
Druid Lvl 6 Att 216 Def 54

I've used about 5500 zen on my blader
Currently Playing: Kartia
4 years ago#100
I'm a lvl 99 blader 12k att 3 k def good
Or I have a lvl 36 Druid and a lvl 21 slayer
There all straight if you need help
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