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4 years ago#1
Hey, I'm playing Zenonia 3 at the moment. I'm getting the crap kicked out of me by the final boss of normal mode (very frustrated at this point), and am rather curious about the difficulty of the other games.

How to 1, 2, and 4 compare with 3? Are they all about the same? Or will I play the other games and think "This game is too hard!" "This game is too easy!" or, much like Goldilocks, "This game is just right!" Or do three angry grizzly bears just appear out of nowhere and kill Regret for eating all their food and sleeping in their house?

Even if I already have #1 (bought it about a year ago, never got around to playing it much), and #2 is only a dollar, and #4 is free, I don't want to invest all the gameplay hours if they're as hard as #3.

I guess at some point along the way I became more of a casual gamer. When did that happen lol?
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4 years ago#2
1 after gets hard when you get to libra. Before then its really not that hard. As for 2 Im only in the ice dungeon with a level 15ish morpice (havent played much). 4 has some pretty tough bosses, even with a druid 10 levels higher than the boss i still die really quick, but it never happens a second time because even if the first fight with them only lasted 3 seconds i still figure out what to do. 4 is obly hard of you dont know what you are doing.
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4 years ago#3
Thanks for the response!

I started playing #1 again after my last post (I'd practically forgotten what the story was even about, but it's not that complicated). I think my main problem in 3 is that I'm stingy with stat / skill points for fear of making a mistake. Also, the fact that I hit the normal mode level cap of 60 isn't exactly pleasant either.

But in #1, that fear is gone. No zen means I can buy a stat / skill reset stone if I wish using gold, and no max level 60 means I can continue making my paladin (who can rapidly heal himself, how cool is that?) more and more powerful (well, up to 99 I suppose). Currently using all the item gal's 48 / 72 hour booster items in the final dungeon, hoping to get to a high enough level to equip those oh-so-wonderful pieces of equipment I keep finding.

Assuming #2 also lacks zen and I can do the same, I feel no worries about tossing out a dollar to buy that one. If only gamevil made a paid version of 4 that let you buy zen items using two or three times the amount of gold or something...
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4 years ago#4
Zenonia 2 is the hardest among all.

Only if you played Warrior class(rubbish class ever, but I have no idea if it is for PvP)

1)High defense but monster still easily kill you especially ganged

2)Slow attack speed(which result to statement 3).

3)Normal attack are totally useless against normal monsters/bosses (before you can kill a monster you have already died if ganged OR left less than half hp if 1v1 with monster).

4)Low damage if you play CON

5)Low defense/hp if you play STR(but not really helping in high damage either)

6)Easily kill by monster/boss, if you play Hybrid(STR/CON) because no damage, no defense/hp for you.

7)Weak skills

8)High miss rate (60-70% miss rate based on equipment from store/dropped by monster)

9)Need to spend large amount of gold before you can reach you goal for main story(spend on HP/MP potions, reviving items)
4 years ago#5
Zenonia 2 has a rather comfortable difficulty, imo. The first dungeon is pretty difficult, but once a character reaches level 40, things will probably get easier. And, of course, there's also no zen, so stat/skill resetting is easy, as well as buying Origins of Life.

pirateof7sea posted...
4)Low damage if you play CON

5)Low defense/hp if you play STR(but not really helping in high damage either)

Solution: pure CON until level 50, reset to pure STR after level 50; use Power of Blood and Survival Instinct passives

7)Weak skills

Phoenix Smash is one of the strongest skills in the game
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4 years ago#6
opps, i stated something incorrect, it is not warrior, it is paladin

used to play too much Z4, mistook warrior for greatsword wielder
4 years ago#7
Zenonia 4 is in my view is harder than all the rest, the bosses have so much defense that its not even funny, like baki. But z4 is so much funner, try it you won't regret it, regret... Lol!
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